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Special Bonuses for Committed DUOLIFE Club Members within the “Effective Growth” programme. It’s a programme like never before, and a unique opportunity to get a special Bonus: 1) up to 1,000,000 BP for the Promoted Person; 2) up to 100,000 BP for the Recommending Person. Details can be found HERE.
Mariella Siniscalchi

Mariella Siniscalchi

Regional Director

Why am I in DuoLife ?

  • Wonderful trips with DuoLife motivate me to take action.
  • I am a part of the community full of ideals.
  • I support the quality!
  • I can work from home together with my husband.

My personal message

I welcome you personally to my website.Here you will be able to purchase the products that I use daily and that have completely changed my life.Also if you want you can REGISTER as a preferred customer and get an average discount of 20% off the list price.

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My favorite products

Products in the new design will be available after the current version of the product is sold out. In the coming days, it is possible to package products in both versions, depending on the warehouse.

DuoLife Day & Night set is a specially developed formula that comes in two product bottles. The human body needs other ingredients during the day and others at night. The unique composition of natural ingredients supports the work of individual systems, depending on the daily cycle.

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DUOLIFE Collagen – a liquid food supplement composed of carefully selected, naturally sourced ingredients that form a unique composition consistent with the principles of synergism. DUOLIFE Collagen is a composition of marine fish skin collagen, glucosamine sulphate from crustaceans, chondroitin sulphate from shark, hyaluronic acid, as well as plant extracts from acerola, bamboo shoots and horsetail.

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DUOLIFE Keratin Hair Complex - is a liquid food supplement composed of carefully selected ingredients of natural origin, which create a unique composition in accordance with the principles of synergism. The DUOLIFE Keratin Hair Complex product is a combination of fruit juices, a formula of black rice extract and prickly pear flowers, solubilized keratin, organic pea shoot extract and many other valuable plant extracts.

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